Soils Engineering Technician

San Ramon, CA

Primary job functions:

Field observation and testing and laboratory testing. Observes work in progress to ensure that procedures followed and materials utilized conform to contract documents and applicable codes; examines finished work to ensure compliance with regulations governing construction; maintains daily log of construction and inspection activities; prepares related reports and records; prepares samples of soil and concrete or other approved or unapproved materials for testing; interprets blueprints and specifications; perform calculations relative to inspection requirements. Inspectors must have the ability to communicate directly and effectively with jobsite foreman to resolve problems. Duties, such as concrete, soils or proof-load inspection require the ability to handle heavy weights safely and efficiently. Other duties are required as assigned by management personnel.


Valid certification in ICC Soils, Nuclear Density Gauge, and Nicet required. Knowledge of State & local building codes & regulations with the ability to read blueprints. Knowledge of building standards, terminology & construction methods, occupational health & safety standards, and inspection methods. Asphalt and Concrete experience a plus.

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